About BlueMind Marketing

We hear it all the time – that talented & reliable freelance designers are hard to find, and that large design firms are impersonal, overpriced, and often can’t turn design projects around quickly enough to meet short deadlines. We’ve got them all beat. Staying small means we can give you the personal attention your projects deserve, keep it on budget, and deliver outstanding work that you will be proud to show off! ​

Our clients range from individuals & small businesses, to non-profits & large international corporations. Large or small, every single project receives the same personal touch & attention to detail that you just can’t get from large design firms. Our track record with on-time delivery is outstanding, and our clients couldn’t be happier. They’re our biggest fans!



We are able to effectively communicate with our clients and other members of the design team to ensure everyone are on track with deadlines and other goals.


We are extraordinarily creative and are capable of coming up with new and exciting ideas for designs.


We are able to work within boundaries of deadlines, change priorities, and can effectively manage a workload to meet deadlines and satisfy our clients.


We listen to all criticism with an open mind and are willing to change designs based on the needs or wants of a client or opinions of members of the design team.


We work well as a team and recognizes that all team members must work well together and communicate openly to get a project completed.